daily painting titled Clementines and ink bottle

Clementines and ink bottle

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 22 January, 2015
Posted in Still life paintings


Somehow I rarely use the word "exquisite" but today I can think of no other.
I see that still life as a symbol of tolerance, Julian. The bottle so different from the fruits is here warmly, more, cordially supported by the "family"of fruits. And to emphasize that hospitable behavior,the single green leave,like a chameleon effect,has nearly taken the cold hue of the bottle!And the latter,adopted,now sparkles with diamonds! A message of peace.
Lovely painting Julian. I especially like the noir void. Happy Birthday Ruth!! I think of you all so often & hope to return for another workshop someday, fondly, Kathy/Kate/Beijing/New York xox
I feel there is some significance here in using the ink bottle among the clementines. The ink bottle was a gift from Ruth's mom, right? It's like you are paying homage to Ruth in this painting by inserting that bottle. Belated birthday greetings to Ruth!
Beautiful. Appreciated all the more for having just finished Ruth's book not 30 minutes ago. Now have an even better image of your enviable, (and I now see, after reading about septic tanks and the like, not perfect), life. ....don't know if I could live with all the humming though! So happy birthday - and thank you - Ruth.
Julian, it's as if it's my own Birthday every time I open the gift that is your painting. The anticipation is wonderful. Thank you for generous beauty.