daily painting titled Cabanon under the Ventoux

Cabanon under the Ventoux

16cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 25 July, 2006
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i would like to purchase this painting!!!!

I love this! I have recently signed up to receive your postcards. I read about them in Domino. How wonderful. This is a beautiful painting!

This painting is just lovely. The prints I purchased from you arrived yesterday and they surpassed my every expectation!

Julian...how about more portraits here?

Appropos of nothing beyond arcane grammatical inquiries, do I look forward to viewing Julian Merrow-Smith's "still lives" or his "still lifes" -- or should I simply await more of his still life paintings?

By the way, I also look forward to viewing the beautiful landscape paintings or landscapes, but that anticipation offers no grammatical challenge!!

I do love this entire composition, but especially the door. What great color.

Gary, I enjoy your posts very much and didn't want you to feel like you were out there in cyber-space just talking to youself. As far as I know, it is simply "still life", meaning both a single painting and the genre in general, although I have also seen "still lifes" as the plural. Whatever the proper grammar is, the paintings are a joy.

Thanks, M.F., and I agree with you on the joy of the paintings.