daily painting titled Lemon


15cm x 13cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 12 August, 2006
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Love that little "dimple" in the cloth at lower right . . . and the way you soften exactly the right edges of the lemon.

No one would dare make lemonade here!! I also see two faces in the lemon. I know that's not the point, but my six-year-old son pointed out the first one, and I just love child-like honesty. We then discussed the painitng for a few minutes and "found" a second one. My first discussion of "art" with my son. Thank you, Julian, for this website!!

Another beautiful lemon! I love how this oen compares to the first lemon print. I am sure we are all dreaming of Julian's lemons.

Gary...Ruth was right-You write often-and so thoughtfully...very interesting to read your "take" on various postcards from Provence. I look forward to your commentary. It just seemed as if you must have many of Julian's paintings and that was what I was asking.

Ann: I have dreamt frequently of having a private gallery of JMS originals. I think 75 to 100 might be about right if money were no object and if I had the space!!! Sadly, my ability "to have and to hold" is no greater than anyone else's, subject to the vagaries of luck and the alignment of the stars. Still, as I have mentioned before in various comments, I think Julian's sales approach is perfect. Maybe there are several disappointed people each day, but more to the point, there is usually one very happy person each day. That said, I also believe it is a tremendous joy to get these images sent to me daily via email, and the importance of ownership may be overstated? Can you think of anything like this in the artistic world? For example, here is an archive of nearly 400 paintings, and growing. It's just an amazing concept from an amazing artist touching the lives of so many people. Here is a wonderful use of all this modern technology toward some very important Old World ends.


And for those of you who have not purchased a print, they are exquisite.

Simply amzing. I love the fact that Julian painted this lemon at the same time that I'm painting a still life with three of them. His lemon was a good way to look at mine and seeing what I was doing right and wrong. Love this site and his work...a very big help for those of us who need pointers on the craft of painting.

It continues to amaze me how you can paint with such truth - you must paint from life - is that the difference - life vs. photographs? Your work "reveals" the lemon, and the landscape, and the vineyard . . . bravo

Now that's a lovely lemon...

This is superbe in its simplicity...it truly speaks volumes.