daily painting titled Daffodils


14cm x 17cm (5"x6½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 4 March, 2010
Posted in Flower paintings


Extraordinary, Julian!
A perfect implementation of the colour spectrum. So perilous for the inexperienced painters. It reminds of the intricate lessons of Johannes Itten. A "vrai tour de force", Julian!
Oh my - it takes my breath away! It's spring!
The painting is lovely, surrounded by blue, we have those blooming too! Do you have any daphne flowers blooming? Their smell is wonderful.
I love the way the blue wall is captured in the glass reflection at the bottom of the vase. A true Spring-like picture that is full of hope and light! Merci, Julian!
So simple and so lovely. Do you paint from a live set-up or by photograph?