daily painting titled Two lemons on a French cloth

Two lemons on a French cloth

20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 22 April, 2021
Posted in Still life paintings


What a beautiful "go to" subject! I had a border collie years ago and they love to herd you around! Beautiful animals! Beautiful art! Your art always makes my day happier. Amy
A very beautiful “go to “ subject. Love it’s simplicity...
I love that your “ go to” is lemons, mine too. Harder to paint than it looks, they’re lovely lemons 😊
I love expanding your composition to show more of the cloth--superb! Good luck with newest furry member of the family. They sleep, eat and play, repeat for several months.
So great to see your yummy lemons. Good luck with the pup. Be careful , they do love to run.
..Hi. We've had two collies, sadly not with us any more, they are wonderful intelligent companions. If they don't have sheep to keep in line they need exercise. Have patience with their puppy exuberance. You are very lucky ! Best regards, Mary.
Beautiful lemon breasts!