daily painting titled Raspberry grapes

Raspberry grapes

11cm x 12cm (4"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 5 September, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Positively glowing and ready to burst with flavor! Fresh!
A realism that almost defies or denies itself just to turn into its own beauty.
I love this and i don't even know why. I think it's utter simplicity , somehow speaks of an honesty ,rarely found. its;s warm harmonious color scheme is easy on the mind. your paintings are a joyous gift.
Julian,are they really raspberry?In French,the translation of raspberry is "framboise" which doesn't belong to the grape category and is red and very characteristic.Here it looks like a variety of sweet white grape(table grape).But right or wrong title,your painting is pictorially very...Tasty!
http://forum.75cl.info/discussions.htm?theme=28&racine=5779 alain, i bought them in the march├ęs de provence and they were indeed called raisin framboise, raspberry grapes. Le 'Noah'. Here is some interesting discussion on how they can drive you mad...!
what is so inspiring is that you tackled this subject again ! and you got to grips with it, that says alot about you as a person.
but do they taste like raspberries or like grapes....whichever, a very tactile painting....many thanks. gfs
Thank you so much,Ruth. I wonder whether I hadn't drunk some raspberry wine when I was young...
grace, actually they do kind of taste like raspberries, or maybe more like strawberries, but the flavour is quite exquisite! i'd not seen them before this year.
This painting has a very interesting perspective that draws the viewers' eye to the grapes. I've yet to figure out the shadow. Thanks, Ruth, for the information on the grapes. I wonder if they are genetically altered. They do sound and look tasty.
Grapes do not sound; I meant "look tasty."
Barbara, the complexity of this painting lies in this shadow, which is painted vertically and not in oblique brushstrokes towards the upper left corner.I think that it gives balance and in an architectural way, a visual coherence to the painting:shadow,grapes and stalk go in the same direction at the top of the canvas. Best
Love this