daily painting titled Essaouira


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 8 March, 2015
Posted in Marine paintings


Despite the iphone, all the images have been beautiful. This one is exceptionally so. Light-filled and gorgeous.
You did a beautiful job! Well done, indeed!
It's always good to see your landscapes. Travel with you by your landscapes is always special. PS- Your still life work is always solid. I am partial to your landscapes. Sincerely, Bob Ragland.
Gorgeous...I feel the sun and the power of the waves....those rocks are terrific!
Your work is great. I paint almost everyday as well and I always check your blog page for inspiration to keep me going. You are by far (its not even close) my favorite artist that paints small originals everyday.
really, really lovely Julian.
You've captured that view so perfectly. And the light there too . Love it Julian
Dear Julian,the chilly Atlantic breezes seems to torment the ramparts,a mirage,a fairytale vision. Within the walls a picante mix of Araby and France.How great for Louis to experience this adventure,it will always be with him.Wrap up warm,and watch the sun. Anna.
Spellbinding! I particularly love the big wave in the distance wanting to reach with all its might the lavender blue hugeness. More than a colourful painting... An "Acoustic" seascape! Unforgettable picture full of life.
I look forward to your post everyday, beautiful color , composition , and wholenes . So inspirational .
Wonderful luxurious blue sky, noticing that wave standing alone like another castle, the way it catches the eye and leads it onward - yet my favorite part is the color in the water, can't take my eye off of this one
And meanwhile, the whooper swain, calmly, was watching the tumultuous ocean...
Sorry, "...whooper swan". Freudian slip?