daily painting titled Fishing Boats at Carry le Rouet

Fishing Boats at Carry le Rouet

17cm x 14cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Tuesday 10 October, 2006
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How do I purchase this painting for my collection? It will go nicely next to my Monet.

I can be reached at 0141918529 in Paris.

You never cease to amaze be by the range in perspective and technique you use when you approach a subject. This is dazzling.

Julian, this is so FRESH: you seem to be enjoying the water...

A departure of sorts for you, but still stunning. Was jolted out of my reverie when I opened the e mail!

I would be very much interested in purchasing the painting. Please email me.

I would love to purchase this painting. Please let me know if it is still available. Thank you.

i'd like to purchase it too; yes , the reflection o the water is, well, breathtaking... but I don't have any monet.... yet.

Edward Musante, will you marry me?

I looked back to see 'boats of cassis' (March 11th 2005) and was surprised to see how painterly and loose the former was. Both are gems...

This is just precious Julian.

FANTASTIC! There is that perfect shade of purple that I love in your paintings!

PEOPLE! Would you please read the purchasing tab?!

wl, you are a riot! I sometimes feel that way, too. Yes, please click on "purchasing" to get info on how to buy the paintings. Julian is NOT going to call or email you to sell them!!! Hello!?!

Nice one Julian...

Julian, Amazing - You're best marine picture yet. You've never done a giclee of a marine picture before, peut etre????.....could it be possible to share this to a wider audience.......This would be perfect. Might even keep the Vicomte happy. The Monet is so lonely.... and your painting has so much to say,.... and do?

At least the proud owner is from SF... those by the water appreciate the water so much. I showed this to my friends at work, who are from small seaside towns in Califorina. Every time I showed this to someone who grew up by the ocean, all they could do was sigh..... and once I explained the concept - one person gets the painting - they only just sighed again........ I can't even imagine the reaction from the mountain region.... The word is from the califorina seaside contigency - imagine mermaids saying " I could stare at that painting all day...."

You have captured a complete eqilibrium in tone,proportion, balance, and scale in subject and color. You rock Julian!!!


Have missed 3 days of your paintings!! Hope one is on its way!!

don't worry B Chapman. Julian is very busy this week with a friend digging holes in our kitchen floors and walls, running pipes and electrical wires through them and generally making a long awaited and exciting start on the most important room of the house. He'll be back soon but is meanwhile enjoying a bit of a break, even if he is completely covered in cement dust and looks quite a picture!

I have been trying to do a small painting a week instead of each day and it is difficult to schedule the time siince I teach.
Kudos to you for carving out the time each day.
You are an inspiration.
Linda Warner Constantino

Very nice Julian - I love that you took a detour in your travels - it really adds spice to our work, doesn't it? And how did you know it needed the tiny touch of yellow, was it actually there, or did you add it? Please let me know. Jennifer

Thanks for all your comments, we're an hour from the Meditteranean coast at Marseille but this is the first visit since spring.

Jennifer yes the yellow was there, all the colours of a Mondrian.


Would love to see this included in your prints!

ooo! it's one of the best sites ever! :)