daily painting titled Chemin Montant

Chemin Montant

15cm x 16cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 15 December, 2006
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Wow! Julian! This is really beautiful! I love all those wonderful brushstrokes. I can feel all those grasses. And I particularly like the purple strokes. Just lovely.

Lovely, Julian!

very nice...what is English translation of "Chemin Montant?"

Love your colors in this. So very pretty.

Thanks all, as for translations it's one of those phrases which is simpler in french perhaps "the climbing path" the "the steep track", any suggestions welcome. Julian

Quite interesting, Julian. We admire your productivity as well as creativity. The color notes in this one are striking, reminds us of seagrass near the ocean.

seagrass...homegrass...a simple delicious note from home.

Me gusta el colorido, y ese poco de sombra, que da profundidad.


Evidently the famous artist of the late 19th James McNeil Whistler shared a Passion for Small Paintings, too. An ongoing exhibit of Whistler's small masterpieces are on view at the Freer Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. The exhibit includes 23 paintings that do not exceed 9 inches in either direction.
According to the article Whistler began to dedicate his work to creating small paintings in deference to equating size with importance.
They were received with mixed reviews when exhibited back in 1886. One inspired critic saw their beauty and called them pygmy paintings with big souls.
I love it!


Thankyou Linda. I'll be checking out the link to the Whistler exhibition...