daily painting titled Reflections in the Rhône

Reflections in the Rhône

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 7 August, 2008
Posted in Landscape paintings


Never was near the Rhone-yet I saw a similar scene many times from a bass boat in Ohio in my younger days...How universal!!

This little lovely yellow dot in the water...just in its place (the classical Golden Number) giving light to the whole painting. Just a little tiny point. Miraculous discovery.

This is absolutely spectacular! So incredibly beautiful. Thank you.

Wonderful color and proportions on this one. such great depth and clarity, BRAVO!

Thank you, Julian, for always bringing me back to France. Paint more water! Love this one.



This is just lovely. I am reminded of quiet liquid places visited throughout my life. Evocative and beautiful. Merci. Pat

Gorgeous! I too, am in love with your water scenes. Possibility for a print?

I come to this site time and time again, for something that I might glean from your work; for the simple joy and wonder of it all. Sometimes I come to daydream of the day when I might say with equal seeming ease that which you say to the world. Or I come to while away some time living another, smaller life, moving through your French countryside. Sometimes my visits leave me jealous. But on those days when envy plays a smaller role, I come to enter into your paintings to be amazed and ask, how is it that a man can take paint, move it around on a card and make something like this?

thank you for such visual pleasure. a feast for eyes, soul and heart. i am missing france about now and this brings me a bit of peace. i haven't worked in the past few weeks, and this will inspire me to get back on track, thank you...

I just want to second all of the above. This piece is gorgeous. And "cordier alain" really puts into words so much of what I feel when I look at your work. So right about that yellow dot! Thanks to you both for the wonderful insight, visual and verbal.

Golly... that's pretty nifty.

Absolutely beautiful. Stunning subtleties.