daily painting titled Clementine


12cm x 12cm (4½"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 22 October, 2009
Posted in Still life paintings


Oh Julian, This just takes my breath away...I am and always have been your #1 Fan.
When this painting came up on the screen my mouth watered. This painting is a delight to the senses. The clementine is pictured at the perfect moment with the peel is partly open to reveal the luscious innards. I am sure that the British art students will have much to talk about as they view this painting. Bravo Julian!
Should be "with the peel partly open." I am sorry about the 3 comments. I have no idea why this is happening.
I opened the mailbox, and said out loud, oh my gd!!!!!! Stunning and all the textures are perfect. You are the alchemist with the paintbrush!
i just plain dont like the color orange, but THIS painting makes me appreciate it in all its subtle varities and tones.hmmm, maybe if i could paint like this i would use it more often. thanks for making me see it differently,julian. gfs
A king at the very peak of ripeness letting slip his silk-lined dressing gown at bedtime; his succulent segments, both soft and muscular, open to an inviting cleft before he rolls naked between cool, crisp, royal sheets... This is fruit-porn. I've just eaten three like him with some Brazil nuts. Very nice, Ju. xxx
Masterful! Both Julian's painting and Julia's imaginative description.
You are one heck of a painter! This is amazing. Of course, it's clementines season in Europe... reminds me of Christmasses back in London.
All wrapped up in itself. I like it.
oh julia you naughty thing!
Wondrous painting, wonderful Julia!
Julian, let's face it - you're a great painter, but decisions that led to this particular staging of a simple orange (as all the comments make perfectly clear) puts you in a league I imagined you dreamed of many years ago. Thank you for keeping the art of painting alive, fresh, contemporary and so damn challenging, that you continue to take our breath away.
Every time I tune in I am astonished anew...including this time. How strikingly believable.
Like an initiatory voyage, this painting reminds me of: - "New seasons garlic and honey..." Thursday 9 April 2009 - "Aubergine" Friday 18 january 2008 - "Head of garlic" Saturday 1 March 2008 - "Morels" Monday 12 May 2008 ( with the premonitory comment of Anonimouse ) - "Courgette and flower" Thursday 14 August 2008 - "Aubergine" Sunday 20 May 2007 - "Peach" Friday 2 June 2006.
Please, Julian, make this one a print. Also the orange with the Blue Delft vase! What a gift these would be.
I never thought a clementine could make me blush.Erotic and beautifully painted.