daily painting titled Autumn road, late afternoon

Autumn road, late afternoon

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 6 October, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful. I can feel the warmth
I know that view... that road... and that tree. The light I hope to know NEXT autumn. Beautiful Julian. One of your classics.
Julian, preciosa pintura, como nos tienes acostumbrados, ojalá pueda el próximo año compartir uno de los cursos. Desde tan lejos, se nos hace medio difícil, aunque no pierdo las esperanzas. Cordial saludo Rodolfo
Just like Karin commented above, I also can feel the sunshine resting on my shoulders! A very soothing, and calming painting! Thanks so much, Julian. Elaine PS: I have been a little remiss in commenting lately due to illness in the family, but do enjoy every painting you send. When I get a chance to breathe at the end of the day, they transport me to a calmer place. Thank you!
Dear Julian, yes, very soothing. That special light of autumn perfectly captured, the composition simple and true. The landscapes are very special and for a while transports us to an inner space of peace and enjoyment, sorely needed in this world. Just wanted to add how impressed I am... sincerely. Consistently high output of quality work, quite a few workshops and being a Dad as well. Anna.
This is the best painting I have ever seen about green variations. Sky and road grey are delicious,suave. Orange marks,complementary counterpoints,look like melodious sounds of...trumpets! And what wonderful motions suggested by the elongated brushstrokes. Only road sky and the field on the left bring some peacefulness among this lively landscape. At last,what a majestic lion in backlighting on the right with its dishevelled and shining blond mane that is holding its yellow tongue to the left! Toothsome painting singing as a Singer Sargent painting. This so creative work,Julian,is,to my eyes,really...You!
How splendid, the zig of the tree trunk... the liveliness of this study is so compelling.
Doug - In fact we call it Doug's road!