daily painting titled Still Life with Cherries, Apricots, Bottle and Cup

Still Life with Cherries, Apricots, Bottle and Cup

19cm x 14cm (7½"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 15 June, 2009
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Duo. Rich complexity of straight lines and curbs, transparencies and opaquenesses, reflected lights and suggested shapes,shadows and bright lights,couple,double,duo everywhere( fruits, blue lines )... Except for a stem seeming very jealous of its neighbours and the bottle, looking like a blazing star in the night desperately searching for her Darling...Vain attempt I fear.
It looks very quiet and still.
Sigh.....you are the greatest.
Julian I await your email with eagerness. What joy you bring to my day.
Do I not see three cherries, one hiding behind and between the two prominent reflecting ones?And does it not balance the hiding second stripe, in its hiding, on the left of that favorite cup of yours, Julian? Is Alain seeing more wishful duos than there are? Or are my eyes and perceptions deceiving me?
of course you see three cherries, Alain, is, as ever, so perceptive of the meanings of images. I think what Alain is getting at is 'Two's company, three is a crowd'
Tres booo sauf le pot ....
Louis, je pense tu souffres de la jalousie ceramique ;-))
Klobba Do you really perceive the third cherry's body? The stem, right ! But the body? Of course I see too the tiny carmine dot of colour in the midst of the two cherries emerging from darkness just in front of us, but is it really the third cherry or a reflection, a glare of the wine(?)in the bottle ? That's what my eyes believed. "Wine or "cherry" " ? Shakespearien questioning. Mind and preconceived outward appearances... What really do we see in a work of art ? Wide problem... Best
Julian...."la jalousie ceramique "?
Hi Julian and other cherry debaters I think there are 3 cherries. Two are on one stem that crosses one of the peaches. But painting creates an illusion. Only Julian and the owner of the painting will know the truth. It is a very 'cool' piece. I too have ceramic envy of that cup.
Louis (Boileau), a little joke in french not aimed at you! Louis Breuder is a potter here in Bedoin, he keeps saying nice painting shame about the pot (which is David Garland's).
Yes it is! I did an enlargement of the painting. Indeed the tiny red dot of red colour forms a part of a third cherry. My first comment? Completely fizzled out! Mischievous cherry ! Sorry jol, Klobba and Barbara M.
I must be still jet-lagged as I wrote about peaches and not apricots.