daily painting titled Pays du Ventoux

Pays du Ventoux

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 11 September, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Enjoy the peach! This is lovely... Did you get my note about the sunflowers? Just curious ';-)
Your landscapes are my favorites so I'm not disappointed. Perhaps you should just eat the peach? Though I'm sure you do not want to admit defeat... but think of it this way, it's a very very rare event for you.
The landscape is lovely, and I'll bet the peach will be delectable!
Julian, Eat the peach and keep painting the landscape!
Peaches are past their prime here in Texas...this new work looks like home. Lovely. I got your book yesterday.. mini vacation on every page, gotta get my paints out!Thank you for sharing your wonderful gift! Have a blessed day!
Ah, yes. We artists have to maintain our sense of humor...especially when things are flowing as expected!
But you make painting peaches look so EASY!!! Never mind, I hope you enjoyed eating the peach and I'm loving the landscape you've done. I always enjoy the colours and strokes you use in the grassy, ground areas.
Julian, it is indeed frustrating when a beautiful object somehow escapes the canvas...but the landscape is truly wonderful. you lose some...you win some. cheers,geo
It seems that the painting has been made while sitting among overhanging wild grasses.That suggests this strong sense of being at one with nature reinforced by a fatty and generous coat of colours.A sensuous picture.
Your description in the mailing list email brought a smile to my face, if not to yours.
Ah, but your landscapes....
Love this landscape! Glad to hear I'm not the only one having trouble painting something hopeful... Persistence pays off, I'm told, and, tomorrow's another day.
It's good to hear that aren't super human, and that you do indeed sometimes struggle, Julian. Every one of your paintings are so extraordinary - they all seem like masterpieces to me. I'm glad the peach didn't work out because I really like the landscape today. It has real character!
Sorry....but this painting is just um..peachy!
I know that feeling - and sometimes there is not even an alternative. You made a fine one.
julian, I feel your pain. I've been working on a painting that started out as one of peaches (with a vase added for interest) but has now become a painting of a vase with peaches. Oh well. My first attempt at peaches - next one will be better - hard to quite capture that vague fuzziness of the peach. Love the sky in this work, by the way.
I also can empathize. A week ago I started and sanded off the same potted plant 3 times over 5 days. Its frustrating to know both that you couldn't take control of the painting and also that you've put so much time into persisting without yield. But you were able to rebound and paint this beautiful landscape, so I'd say you've essentially succeeded.
This painting is so very beautiful!! Thank-you. Blessings always, C-Marie
P.S. Maybe it is the lighting that is causing the difficulty with the painting of the peach?? Blessings always, C-Marie
Julian, you create such an enormous volume of space on such a small support. About the peach, do you just scrape it off and try again? Is the peach painted wet into wet? Thank You, Pat