daily painting titled Misty morning

Misty morning

23cm x 12cm (approx 9" x 4¾"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 19 March, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful misty light. Safe travel - and looking forward to seeing your England paintings!
That is lovely! Great mood. When I saw it in my email, I had to stop by and comment on it. Beautiful work.
I love this one, Julian! Love the turquoise windows, foggy hills, wintery vineyard. Have a safe and wonderful trip to Ye Olde England!
You are doing some marvelous moody stuff these days! This is the sort of painting makes me want to look, then look some more. Really beautiful.
Un réel coup de coeur pour celle-ci. La lumière, les couleurs, c'est splendide !
Enjoy your visit home to England--my son live in Scotland, actually I should say, he's made his home there. Three year old Lauryn is the apple of her dad's eye! Daughter-in-law, Nicola, loves to visit us here in Florida, and here I am longing for the mist shrouded craggy hills in the Highlands. Look forward to what you create away from Provance!! Best, Sandra
Love the mist...the bluish gray.
Love the fog effects, Julian!! Great stuff!
Loved the painting, it reminded me of misty mornings here in the Trodos mountains of Cyprus. Enjoy England,I'm sure the spring flowers will be an inspiration!!!! Sue Lait
How do you do it? It's just paint, after all. But you imbue it with such feeling. Wonderful.
Hello, I registered a long time ago and cannot remember my password or my login name. Would it be possible to "wipe me out" so I could re-register afresh? I've been trying to do the various options on your website to clean things up and none of them have been successful. I never received an email with the potential to change passwords etc. I read your wife's book and enjoyed it very much. It is a dream of mine to live in France the way you do. I'm quite jealous. Meanwhile, maybe I could buy a painting and live vicariously (!) - but I can't do so until my login stuff is fixed. Please help. Catherine
my sister e-mails your beautiful paintings to me -i used to live in france & simply love your work - i was wondering if i could receive your paintings directly - have a great trip to the old country - 'twill be almost tulip and crocus time - sincerely juliette
This is sublime wonderful atmosphere Thank you
A moment of reverence. The lonely cypress looks like a noble clergyman who is solemnly preying in front of his attentive worshippers(The Lord's vineyard),and the three bluish shutters are echoing the Trinity...