daily painting titled Boats, vieux port

Boats, vieux port

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 18 July, 2014
Posted in Marine paintings


Terrific painting!
Another beautiful painting!
This painting is fabulous. Reminds me of Charles Movalli, another great painter.
Sometimes, the dividing line between figurative and abstract art is so subtle (the areas all around the blue sail for instance)... Furthermore the deep blue of the sail is worthy of Vermeer and Nicolas Poussin.
I love the looseness of this painting. And especially the reflection in the water. As always, thanks. Grace
Such beautiful juicy paint! Such beautiful rich color!
I'm teaching two classes of beginning painters and often use your work as visual examples of how it' s done. Every one of them has signed up for your daily inspirations. These harbor works are particularly wonderful, I love the way you splash in masts and distant hulls . They focus so well at a distance and are so abstract up close. Thanks!
Julian, I love the shapes and patterns which we don't often see in your still lives or your landscapes. Wishes for a fabulous and satisfying workshop for all next week.
Fabulous, really fabvulous, these last 2 paintings; as your reflective work in both water and glass always are.
Julian---you have found light !--& a fresh new look to your painting !
Alain I love your intelligent insightful and poetic critiques. Could this be Mr De Botton? Thanks Craig
Hi Julian , beautiful work , a fortunate person who wins the day and is able to hang this in their home! Thanks Craig
Craig S, you are really, day after day, a friendly person. Best