daily painting titled Cabanon in the vines

Cabanon in the vines

18cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 11 December, 2011
Posted in Landscape paintings


Beautiful color in the vine foliage. Surprisingly (at least to me) soybean plants also turn a wonderful color in the fall. They become a brilliant yellow. Maybe you can guess I'm from the southern U.S.A.
This "burning" picture seems simple in contrast with yesterday painting;in fact,it does not.Just impressionist;of course not.Or an attempt to only use warm colors;I don't believe either.Or to describe a house,vineyard,trees...too obvious. I feel it is a sensory painting,a sensory experience:rough and scratchy effect of the surface regarding the field and cabanon,velvet smoothness regarding the foliages,all marrying as an apotheosis the ethereal and intangible surface of the sky. Communion between noble materiality and spiritual ascension by means of the different textures of the pictorial surface. This glowing painting is not only "a sensory painting",but more,in fact. A lot more...
Julian: Looks like you're getting your plein air work done before the tough weather sets in. I enjoy your impressions of the local country side, but your still life work is what I look forward to. It's getting colder here in New England but so far,the only snow was in October. Will we have a white Christmas this year?