daily painting titled Daffodils


18cm x 14.5cm (7"x5¾"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
This painting is available as a limited edition print
Daily painting for Wednesday 18 February, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings
Tags: flowers, print


beautiful delicate painting!
very pretty. Daffodils are just starting to bloom here- a few early ones.
Darnit! When are you going to paint a painting I don't fall in love with (I mean "with which I do not fall in love")? You are perverse! The most perversely gifted painter I know. This is simply lovely.
A beautiful painting and harbinger of spring. Thanks!
Here in New Hampshire we are getting blasted, right now, with many inches of wet snow! These daffodiles are the promise of what is surely to come, although it is hard to imagine. I love this little painting for its absolute freshness, both in image and technique. Wish i were there in Provence now.... Thank you, ,Julian.
Amazing the shaky contour lines of the flowers and flowerpot, in contrast with the green leaves spurting from the pot like two sharp swords. What an intense feeling of swishing life, Julian, you do succeed in giving us !
This is one of my favorites of your recent indoor paintings. The bright yellow of the flowers is such a nice contrast to the very dark (almost ominous) background.
Bravo, Julian! I've never seen the bidding go this high - this postcard sale must set a record...
By no means a record Karen but certainly in the top 10.
I did actually go through the entire archive once to see what the record was but I don't remember now. Was it this one? http://auction.shiftinglight.com/070304/
I think this one—of the postcard sized paintings—is the highest
Ah well, I was close. I wasn't counting the big ones either.
Beautiful Julian: you are on great form at the moment.