daily painting titled Clementines in a cup

Clementines in a cup

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 15 November, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


Another beautiful painting, but may I make a suggestion? In this case a little "artist's license" might be taken....to reduce the darkness of the center motif on the pottery. It is so dark that it's the first thing to take one's eye, and after that it's hard to concentrate on anything else about the painting. Love your work, Julian. Thank you for all the pleasure you provide us. Sincerely, Linda G.
would you be willing to tell me what, if any, medium you use....or are all your paintings still wet when photographed....or already varnished? They look so luscious! thank you
Your comment about the snow on the mountains sounds wonderfully peaceful in a very hectic life... One day I shall do a weeks painting course if you do them! Regards Sarah Orchard
What a beautiful beginning to real winter
Dear Julian, a dramatic still life, early winters unforgiving darkness closing in ... rescued by that wonderful artistic cup, (reminiscent of Bernard Leach's pottery) filled with clementines,glowing like embers. And now snow on the Ventoux! Ooh, for the lavender and the hay bales!! Makes me think of Aesop's fable of the ant and the grasshopper. Too late now for the grasshopper! Anna.
I really love this, your light sculpting the darkness in such a wonderful way. So much to learn from your brush strokes. You must be a sculptor at heart. Best regards, Mariano
The blue leaf in the middle of the painting...Why is it so dark? What is its symbolic presence? Why too dark, so big, so inclined? What was the intent of the artist, because in every painting, this is the artist who decides, opts, opts for, means...If we scrupulously look at the upper edge of the bowl, we can see there is a tiny part of the edge that is chipped, cracked like a gap... In the bowl, we have mainly a couple, a couple of fruits, shared by a dark shadow, like a border between them, but not sealed. This painting to my eyes shows, thanks to that emphatic blue leaf pointing out the chip, underlined by the white highlight, simply shows the precariousness, the fragility (the blue leaf, diagonally, wobbles) of the relationship between couples. Nevertheless, the couple of green leaves on the left seeming bound by love for life, suggests shining future. There are so many great still life painters in the world; but there are few painters as Julian, who still paint life, daily life, through still-life. Technically, this painting, by its brushstrokes,......
The dark blue leaf is pointing in a beeline to the female spirit and wise mother, symbolised by one of the clementines, who makes everything seem possible! (Probably time for lunch!) Anna.