daily painting titled Wheatfield and Cypresses

Wheatfield and Cypresses

22cm x 27 cm, oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Monday 10 July, 2006
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Oh, really nice, Julian...just gorgeous. You really captured a summer day. It reminds me of my grandmother's farm. Thankyou.

This painting seems to have that effect, Merilee. It made me homesick for Montana!

I agree with both of you, only I see it as SW Colorado! Julian, the light in this work is lovely!

I think it's teriffic that Merilee, Debre and Susan all found this painting reminded them of somplace, but not the same place! I just finished reading Elizabeth Mowry's book Landscape Meditations and she talks about just this sort of thing, when a landscape becomes more universal, rather than a record of a specific place, allowing the viewer to bring to the painting their own memories and experiences. Bravo Julian!

Jan Blencowe

Amazing Color and Ambience!
I love..this one!

Again Julian this looks just like the Orangeville area. I'm going to go out and paint one to show you.


I agree with you, Jan. In my opinion, it is just that quality you described which separates mere paintings from those works of art which stir the soul and enrich people's lives with the spiritual, whether that be a memory brought about by a landscape, or the rich juicyness of an heirloom tomato. Julian is truly a master, and has indeed enriched my life as well as the lives of many around the world with his work. Thank you, Julian!

Does anyone else just want to smack that Louis upside the head as much as I do?
Julian, your work is just a slice of heaven every day!

Hello lulu. Have a great day! I consider myself "smacked". How about all the other artists who put links here? Do they get smacked too?

lulu...would you like a free painting? Just come and get it. This will be my last posting on this site. I think I've ticked off enough people. Happy trails to you all.

Love Louis

Louis, please don't GIVE AWAY your paintings. Your paintings are good and being a painter myself I know the work over the years that it takes to be able to REALLY PAINT. Don't do it. Other professionals such as doctors, lawyers, etc. do not give away their time and expertise. You need to start thinking differently about your talent and work. You have nice paintings, just keep painting and SELL them. It not only is good for your reputation, but your spirit as well. Keep painting Louis, and I send you blessings. The best of luck to you.

lulu...free painting offer only good untill 1:00PM Toronto time.


Louis, follow your bliss and paint it. I was looking forward to seeing your Orangeville.

anonm s...here's one of Orangeville.

Julian, pardon my using your site to speak to Louis...are you offering me a painting, and what deadline am I under, sir?
Do you have an email address where I may converse with you about this "free painting" offer that you are facetiously making to me?

lulu. you can get my email address on my website on the contact page.


It was a genuine offer lulu. My email is: lousue@rogers.com

Just read the banter between Merilee and Louis. I am a lawyer, and I do give away much of my time for free. Although there's a Latin phrase for the concept, it is believed that society benefits if special expertise is shared with all regardless of ability to pay so that justice is not preserved for only the wealthy. As I thought about it, what if some artists gave away some small portion their works? Would this not insure that beauty and the arts are not preserved for only the wealthy? I have often thought much of the motivation behind this "Postcards" project was just such a concept. The paintings are not free, but at about 5% of the cost of a good painting of modest size from a decent artist at a decent gallery, these are essentially free. And that's why I have so little patience for the grousing about how people cannot get them. Own them or look at them -- but by all means enjoy them and let them make your life better. The next sound you hear will be me stepping off my soap box. Cheers everyone!!!

Consider these paintings "loss leader" merchandise. You will see bigger paintings and rising prices as Julian becomes more well-known, it's inevitable. He is a savvy businessman as well as a artist. His site, no doubt, is and will continue to be a model for the commercially-minded artist.