daily painting titled Three Lemons in a White Bowl

Three Lemons in a White Bowl

33cm x 22cm, Oil on Linen

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Saturday 22 July, 2006
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the reflected light is just WOW! ....super

What's happening with this one? It's been up for nearly 24HRS and nobody's around to grab it. Juian...are you sleeping?

this one is a little blurry for my taste, Julian.

Great site and artwork from far away. I feel like I'm on vacation when I look at your images. I wish you much continued success. I linked to your site as part of a post on "Painting A Day" culture.

your work is amazing - your small pieces create a world unto themselves. I totally enjoy the brushstrokes and how they create an image as one steps back from the work. how do you photograph your work - is it natural light so you don't get refection off your oils? I'm having trouble with that.

This has the most amazing sense of quietude and repose. I get stress refief just looking at it LOL You've captured that same tranquil feeling with a bowl of lemons that I endeavor to accomplish with my paintings of the solitude in the salt marshes. I LOVE this piece. Nice solid rendering of the lemons and gorgeous little highlight at the back of the bowl too! Always an inspiration checking in here each day!

Happy Paintng,
Jan Blencowe