daily painting titled Peonies


20cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 17 May, 2020
Posted in Flower paintings


Love Peonies...theyre out in my garden too ❤️...and lilacs, azalia, everything is springing up....

You may be a late starter with painting, I admire the results, especially the landscapes because I know them so well, as a regular visitor of the Drome. You sure know how to catch the light and the colours.

Dear Julian

It has been several years since I commented but I haven’t missed a post. My husband and I are fans and daily enjoy the landscape of yours we bought! We are awed by your talent in painting flowers. I am delighted your peonies are back as you do such a lovely job painting them. These are so lush, I can almost feel them in my hands.


Your work in recreating shape, light reflection, and color has developed so beautifully, especially in the still life canvases. Lovely.

Julian, this is a beautiful crisp painting of delicate featherlight petals, yet has a feeling of weight about the flower heads. Another stunning piece of work.

Kind regards, Graham Lomas

So beautiful. Your daily offerings are such a bright light
In these days of quarantine!!!

Just glorious - could reach in and touch them!

Oh ..how beautiful!!....soft ..fresh ..gentle !!

Incredibly lovely and present. The heavy thickness of the petals is so well done.

Mmm. On 1st glance. ,It is the cool touch of the petals on my nose as a whisper of their lightsweet fragrance. The intense beauty of the color. This one speaks to me. Wish I could bid. I hope it brings a lot of value to you knowing of the emense joy it will bring to someone.