daily painting titled Blue out to sea

Blue out to sea

17cm x 12,5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 11 February, 2011
Posted in Paintings of Bali


An indefinissable feeling of nostalgia,like a grey drop cloth in the blue sky,which is pulling down after the last stage.Fortunately,the little pink white clouds,full of life,are dancing again...A couple of principal dancers above,accompanied by the young ballet-girls in the distance. The couple of anglers are not aware of the miracle.
Maybe you can plan on coming back to Asia...hope you will include the Philippines in your next visit...lots of interesting scenes to put in canvass. You have been feeding my soul through your canvasses.
Hope you and Ruth have enjoyed your extended vacation. Missed your Provence postcards so much I had to buy your book, Julian. Spent a couple of afternoons perusing it and reading the brief text. A nice book to own.
We're going to miss the paintings too!
The sense of movement and stasis in this painting enriches the view. There is a movement in the sky and sea that contrasts with the solidity of the beach and trees in the distance. Julian you have frozen a moment in which something is about to happen. I see that is what I have been trying to catch in my beach photography especially when I am photographing a fisherman I know. Thank you for your vacation paintings. Barbara
So lovely.
Lovely feeling to this painting
God damn kid, I love you. Great work. Great life. Great attitude. Great generosity of spirit. Nice. Three Cheers, Mr. David D Savage CEO TBSG
Thank you again for sending the wonderful paintings to view. you make my day. I live in a white[beautiful]world of ice and snow I hope you and Ruth have a save trip home i
I will miss the Balinese paintings and I love u and Ruth too. Bon Voyage, p