daily painting titled Olive grove, Modene

Olive grove, Modene

20cm x 12.5cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 21 March, 2013
Posted in Landscape paintings


Full of atmosphere, warmth, light, balance. I would just sit there and look if I were there but this painting is the next best option.
Hi Julian , I love the olive grove. The more you study it the more colours and hues come to your attention. Thank you for sharing your gift!!
Merci, Julian. Your "jour du printemps" is exactly right and brought a smile.
This is gorgeous. The lighting is so exciting, the colors are harmonious, the visual path draws me in. It's dark but has a strong sense of sunlight and volume. Altogether a winner!
Oh my, this looks lovely and so serene. It is not showing up as well on my computer as your more vivid pieces, but lovely just the same. I would love to paint as "loose" as you do, Julian. You have to be one of my favourite painters!! I would be interested to learn - how many years have you been painting? Elaine
Beautifully restrained tonally but I feel that it is very true to the day. I love it!
This is IT : la Provence.
Dear Julian, a shimmering little miracle of a painting, wonderful contrast between the pink ochre building and midnight green cypresses. The olive grove is drinking in the spring sunlight and the whole scene gives a wonderful feeling of warmth, peace and renewal! Contemplate this painting for some time and suddenly you are transported into the realm! Anna.
Evanescent! It startled me when I opened it- I was immediately transported to the countryside outside Siena, Italy, when I lived there. I felt the moist cool morning air and the sun slowly warming the scene. !! Thanks, Julian. I want to come and do your painting course soon!!
The chalky powder, even more, the grainy texture of the surface makes the air of this landscape, palpable, even more, touchable, as if it was hard to tell, really, where the painted object finished and the real view began...As a subtle permeation between life and art.