daily painting titled Self portrait

Self portrait

16cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 18 January, 2016
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a new point of view...nice light ...looks like a different beard? just finished mine on new years eve...www.kateknappartist@blogspot.com
Is that like state of the union? State of Julian? Wonderful painting. Too poor to buy, but love your work, my daily does of sanity. Maybe escape. With old age comes cynicism. Sandra
Wowie! Your hair has returned with emphasis. A really great portrait. Makes you look lovable......
lovely light...very strong study...it looks like your beard is different? I just finished mine(annual self portrait) on new years eve...a good thing to check in with ones self...
It's not easy to paint a self-portrait. This one is wonderful!
Such a great portrait!! So strong and fresh, good job!!
Thanks for the great portrait.....will add to the others I have saved of you....
Fabulous hair You look like a Roman Emperor - wise and powerful!
This is a really great painting, honest and direct.
I really had a feeling a couple of days ago that it was about time for you to do another self-portrait, and then I see your newest version in my inbox! It's terrific - reminds me of one of Rembrandt's self-assured portraits of himself.
Stocktaking? All profit, no loss! Superb.
In credit!
Thanks Julian, from across the globe ..... nice to have a FACE to go with your name !! I look forward to your online paintings very much. Thank you, from Australia xxx
Lovely little picture. You look like you are ageing better than me!
That's a great paintingJulian, does remind me of Rembrandt! Such a deep furrowed brow. Is that from painting, or too much Sun in Your neck of the woods?