daily painting titled Still Life wih Tulips and Silver Goblet

Still Life wih Tulips and Silver Goblet

20cm x 12cm (8"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Monday 2 March, 2009
Posted in Flower paintings


Oh Julien, This looks like the first of spring. So welcome. I love it so much , had to share. Hope you and Ruth are tucked cozily away and looking forward to the season ahead. All best, Jan
Marvellous postcard!!! Greetings from Austria...
Simple and mysterious at the same time. Tender blooms laid down and reflected in a curve of silver. That is all you need and no one does it better.
The flower, the light, the reflection, the shadow ... all so Dutch and so delightful. Thank you for another remarkable little still life.
Julian, The silver cup is astonishing! You are the most skilled painter of silver that I know of. Cheers, Karen H. Annapolis, Maryland, USA
A beautiful composition, the tulips look like they were just picked.
These gripping tulips remind me of Franz Hals'paintings: "banquet of the officers of the St George Civic Guard Company" or "the Meagre company", with their gorgeous orange and red mufflers and sashes; mysterious likeness for me. And I am amazed too by the reflect in the gobelet like a white wax candle conveying in my opinion to a vertical religious exaltation. Enchanting.
Julian, your work is an inspiration... Breathtaking detail-work and play of light and shadow. I catch myself looking out for your daily email and being deflated when at times there is none... :-) Thank you.
This is beautiful and is going to go for an awful lot of money.
Zut!!! You did it again!!! Paint a gorgeous painting with everything I like in it, and we're in the middle of a "crise"!!!! I thought you were in Barcelona by now. Did you bring this one with you or are you back in your cozy attic by now? In any case, this is a spectacular work of art!!!
Absolutely exquisite.