daily painting titled Redentore


13cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 30 October, 2014
Posted in Marine paintings


Just absolutely fabulous!!! Louis sounds so cute and polite in the background, and I hope he got his apple juice shortly thereafter.
All the colors here are magical, metaphysical, historically in resonance with the place and the famous tragedy... Through the mysterious dark door, the Requiem of Mozart literally fills the spectral church. Two boats as a funeral procession cross the painting...imperceptibly. O my God, I can hear the endless screams of the dying plague victims resurfacing through the centuries! Deeply moving.
I love the scene and the painting but some days I am with Louis. I paint but please pass the donuts or wait a minute here we are lets not pass the donuts!!!
So subtle colors but such a stunning painting. Thank you as always. Grace
Julian, are you having too much fun or what?!!