daily painting titled Cup and melon

Cup and melon

20cm x 13cm (approx. 8"x5"), oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 2 August, 2013
Posted in Still life paintings


I'm so glad "somebody" wanted to see inside. I hope Louis was happy with what he saw. What you painted is beautiful. I never thought I'd see a melon that could evoke such beautiful mystery!
Absolutely gorgeous...great light and I love the handling of your background...
Dear Julian, As always, this picture is superb! However, through my poor communication I now receive two of each painting! When I changed my e-mail address I neglected to ask you to delete jan-mor@shaw.ca so you are sending a painting to each address! Please use only the address in the form above. Thanks again for a daily treat! Janet Morris
This is a great painting and demonstrates that the rule of 3's need not be universal. It all works together. Well done.
Hi Julian, Great surprise this evening seeing your beautiful melon and cup. As lovely as it is...I must tell you I have never been able to eat melons they do not agree with me. So when looking at the painting I get indigestion. LOL This has nothing to do with your art just my humble reaction knowing how they make me feel..I'll have to go back to the lavender pieces. Have a great weekend!
Dear Julian, merci! Another beautiful still life. The illusion of depth and texture as the cup and it's crucial highlight on the rim contrast with the soft flesh of the foreshortened melon slice. The deep blue brushstrokes on the cup and sky blue background (giving air and space)complements the pinkish orange of the fruit. A nice meditation on colour and composition. Anna.
You did the inside of the melon justice! It's a very nice painting, and I like that you use some of the same pottery pieces over the years. It's a personal touch which makes this painting a "Julian Merrow-Smith," and that will be recognizable 100 years from now.
Hi Julian , this painting has been well critiqued and well received. Again I have to say beautiful composition , and I do love the blue of the background , that in itself is worth the the trip to France!! Thanks Craig PS Please keep up the great work 1