daily painting titled Poppy field in the Baronies

Poppy field in the Baronies

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 5 May, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


Julian, this is startlingly beautiful. I think your love for your new baby is infused into your paints. Best, Mary Anne from Berkeley
A lovely piece as always - someday I will own one of your gems! Now I know this is not about your work, but I would still like to request that every once in awhile you again direct us to your wife's latest offerings about Louis (another gem!). I never remember how to reach her blog (or flicker) and I think what you two have embarked on is quite wonderful...and worth following from time to time. BTW, I have really enjoyed the small comments you now make as a part of your postings. They are a succinct slice of life that make me enjoy the paintings even more. Thanks!
The simplicity of the red field is in perfect balance to the distant skies and shady trees. I love your compositions.
I love the way individual poppies dissolve into a field of intense red!
loving the vistas in yesterday and todays paintings...thank you. gfs
A beautiful painting. I did a plein air yesterday of a Tennessee red clover field with much less success. But it is so wonderful to find such sweeps of warm color in the spring landscape.
OOH, OOH, OOH! Stunning!
The poppies in profusion - Just gorgeous!
Incredibly beautiful, I really appreciate your work.
I love the technique of painting a few poppy's in the foreground to provide the context for the mass of reds in the background. Very effective and a great painting.
I love the contrast between the dark copse of trees and the wide open field topped by the Prussian blue shade(which is so essential for the balance of the painting)among the mountains. A vibrant allegorical conversation between hell and earthly Paradise.