daily painting titled Red apples and green pot

Red apples and green pot

17cm x 15cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 29 January, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings


Nice that you could find inspiration in your new locale.. gorgeous as ever!
newest favorite!
Wow, rich colors, love the brushwork!
Exquisite smooth creamy textures. It seems that these gorgeous colors will never dry.
Incroyable cette transparence vernissée de la poterie ! C'est... incroyable ! Ben oui, à la longue, on n'a plus assez de mots quoi !...
Absolute perfection. I can't stop staring at the reflection of the shelf and apple on the surface of the green pot. Brilliant!
Wow! I must admit you're getting better all the time. Quick brush strokes yet precise. They remind me a little of Frans Hals. Great work!