daily painting titled Louis


22cm x 20cm, oil on linen Painting status: NFS
Daily painting for Tuesday 3 January, 2017
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This portrait of your son took my breath away when it popped up on my screen. So beautiful, strong and touching. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Beautiful boy...
I have been waiting for this one to appear!! So beautiful and the best kind of gift. Happy New Year to you and your lovely little family!
OH..... Oh.. so beautiful is your boy....
Beautiful gift! Happy New Year!
what a splendid son.... you and ruth and louis are all very lucky folk.....
Happy new year etc to you three Very nice - I see his exposure to the french unit thus far has resulted in perfecting the mid distance gaze so liked by the painter.
Boy is he gorgeous. Bet Ruth was pleased as are your fans. Happy 2017
Stunning portrait, darling child, lucky you.
Love it. Please do more for sale as time goes by, if ok with all of you.
Beautiful portrait of an adorable boy. Best wishes for 2017.
You should do more portraits. This one is superb, so much better than oranges in a bowl, with all due respect.
Beautiful light in which you painted this. You captured, what feels like his essence, as a child filled with curiosity. Thanks for sharing.
Fabulous Portrait.
Fabulous ! ....... More portraits please .
What a handsome young man in a glorious portrait. A truly wonderful gift. Happy 2017.
Quite beautiful! The most three-dimensional portrait I can remember seeing! Happy New Year!
So beautiful! Lovely thoughtful gift.
Beautiful painting! I've been waiting for it as well. What a lovely present.
Louis is growing up into a handsome young man a perfect gift for Ruth
Julian -- a fabulous and very special portrait ! I am so glad you shared. I am sure he is having a culturally rich upbringing with you and Ruth. Happy new year !
Lovely to see portrait of Louis. Thank you.
Exquisite!!! You could have added, with all due respect, a tiny bit of orange, since that is Louis's favorite color. The yellow shirt, however, enhances all the beautiful colors you did work with. He is a most fortunate little boy. Bonne Annee et Bonne Sante!!!
Wow! So beautiful! Happy New Year to you all!
What a beautiful loving portrait......I'm certain Ruth loved it. Was Louis suitably impressed? Thanks so much for letting us share it....hooray for the internet! Look forward to your paintings this year.
Wow! Just superb, you have captured the essence of Louis perfectly. Adorable. Happy New Year to you all.
I am so impressed by this painting . The subject matter and your passion behind this piece are remarkable. Thank you for sharing! Laurie
This is an excellent portrait! I'm certain that Louis is very proud of it, too. Happy New Year to you and yours!!
Stunning, Julian. I look forward to receiving your painterly missives and am never disappointed, but this is a personal achievement for you and a wonderful addition to your gorgeous boy's memories. Delightful and honest, natural, and clearly created with such love. Happy New Year to all! xx
What a beautiful child! ... and what a beautiful portrait!! A lovely remembrance of these oh, so fleeting (childhood) years; they just zip by!
So beautiful your painting and your boy.
The love you have for your son is apparent through this painting...
Delightful portrait, thanks for that.
Beautiful portrait of Louis, something that you both will cherish. Happy New Year to you Ruth and Louis and thank you for the workshop memory Sept 2016
Are those eyelashes for real? What a wonderful present for his mother. You are blessed!
Louis is so beautiful. This portrait of your son is wonderful and so moving!
Happy New year julian, Ruth and beautiful Louis. That painting is stunning. Greetings from Calgary,Canada.
So happy to see a portrait of this awesome child. You've captured that moment just before he makes another discovery or embarks on another adventure! Thanks to you and Ruth for sharing Louis.
Beautiful painting of a beautiful boy!
Awwww : ) Heartwarming and He is adorable : )
Fantastic, beautiful, astonishing. Thank you for sharing it.
Beautiful painting of a beautiful child.
Well I've been waiting patiently to see a portrait of dear Louis. This is wonderful and captures his beautiful face perfectly. What a treasure.
Love it. Beautiful portrait
Louis is a lucky little boy! It's clear you adore him...if anyone needed evidence, this portrait is it! Happy New Year
Hi Julian first let me say Happy New Year to you and yours ! The portrait is absolutely precious , such great colour and form , just love it. I'm sure your wife must be very pleased with it as well. Made me think of your recent workshop in Spain , I trust this means you will do more (portraits) that is! Thanks for sharing your gift! Craig
Backatcha', Julian! Love and best wishes to you, Ruth and Louis!
I only know you through your paintings, but the essence and the spirit I feel from the portrait of Louis reveals to me that you are an amazing parent/teacher and so much more... Just breathtaking!!!!! Martine.
Hi Julian Great portrait of an obviously fortunate and remarkable young man. One of your most impressive paintings - did it owe something to your Mehorca escape? When will you decide about the 2017 programme? Cheers Colin
Wonderful portrait of a beautiful subject!
Wonderful portrait of a beautiful subject!
What a beautiful little man. One of your best - the sweetness and spontaneity, a real treasure,
Your deep love for Louis is so evident in this portrait. Ruth will treasure it always.
Stunning and soulful!
What a wonder!!Beautiful subject, great gift, thanks for sharing, it's heartwarming ! Wish you and your family and Babu a marvelous 2017!
Lovely picture of your handsome son. So thrilled to put a face to the name, Louis!
You are such a superb portraitist -Ruth must be thrilled...
A very handsome young man and a fantastic portrait. Ruth must be elated, what a present. Happy New Year to you all,
A beautiful portrait, lively yet still, with such depth.
I could not exhale when i saw Louis. Love your portraiture. Precious.
Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful!
It's all been said, Perfect! but I want to add my name.
Great job, not easy to capture both the sweetness and the toughness of this little guy. Did you paint it all from life or use a photo too?
What more can one add. Truly stunning painting. More.....!
What a lovely portrait of your beautiful son! I always look forward to your postcards every day but this one was especially moving. Thank you for sharing it. Just wondering...have you ever done a portrait of Ruth's cello? A very Happy New Year to you and your family.
As always...beautiful work and a handsome boy...thank you for sharing! Getting Louis to hold that pose must have been a challenge 😄
What an amazing image, with love painted right in! Such a gorgeous child and rendering!!! I was spellbound... What a perfect gift...So well done.
Oh Julian, What a wonderful painting of Louis! Just breathtaking! Jessie
Thank-you Julien for sharing the portrait of Louis, you have excelled yourself - that is a portrait to treasure.You are 'The Man' Happy New Year to you all
Magnificent! You have shared so much about Louis, and now I see his image. Thank you for such a magnificent postcard.