daily painting titled Lisette


26cm x 10cm (10¼"x4"), oil on paper mounted on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 18 September, 2008
Posted in Still life paintings


Little Lisette, you are si belle with your belly d'argent and your popper-snapper eye. I like you a lotte. xx
Close up: portrait of a fish, not any fish, here and now, just there... In front of us, "naked", dignified, the eye like a black hole lost in reverie, a tiny blue turquoise jewel behind "her" gill , like a coquetry, with final white radiances and scintillations, this slender lisette is waiting... Uncompromising painting.
You're amazing...as always.
Not only is this a stark, amazing painting, but I also love reading the beautiful prose/poetry of Alain. Thank you both!
She is gorgeous. The numerous colours, blue, gray, pink, silver, black, brown, all intertwined and juxtaposed are splendid, indeed, for a humble petit poisson. The white platter sets her off as if she were a queen.
Julian, if it isn't a trade secret, how long did it take you to paint your mackerel? I ask because the colours change while you're looking at them. The iridescent blues fade, to be replaced by an ochre-y gold. On that basis alone, you must have painted a fast fish! I like the space between its tail and the plate, too.
Love that Julia!

Chris, I went out shopping in the morning as the weather is wet and stormy again, and the garden has come to a standstill, so I needed some painting subjects. I found little Lisette and brought her home but had no prepared boards the right size, so I used the only piece of oil paper I had left which had a deep red ground - not my ideal choice. So it took me about 2½ hours the first of which was spent obliterating all the red. I wasn't at all sure I was going to make it till that last half an hour, but finally the result pleased. I painted it fast enough for us to eat it still fresh early evening, (I like deadlines)!
we're completely eye to eye on this one Alain, not that we have to be. I hope you don't think I was trying to discourage your daily musings like creepy Valerie. Sorry.
jules. poetry. lovely. x
Fish, especially *small* fish have become my favorite subject as of late. The pressure of getting something to canvas while you retain your sense of smell is an added delight. Well done, Julian!