daily painting titled Rio del Ponte Longo, Giudecca

Rio del Ponte Longo, Giudecca

20cm x 13cm (8"x5"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 23 November, 2008
Posted in Marine paintings


How nice---the best time of the day. Helps me remember a trip when we stayed at the Lido and zipped around on the vaporettos every day. Venice---a fairy tale.
From the last time you two were in Venice- I was able to buy one of your canal scenes. Interesting- as much as I love Provence-Bedoin-C.L.B., here is another Venice canal scene that is "speaking" to me. I especially like the winter light. I am longing for Venice, now.
Thanks for taking me back to that lovely place. Looking forward to more colorful peeks of Venice.
What a beautiful view. This one is gorgeous as a desktop background on my computer..
Julian! How beautiful! Will you still be in Venice 26/27/28/30? If so, we'll be there also. Email me, pleeeease X
What a beautiful scene. The postcards have made me long to go to your part of the world. Thank-you so much for sharing this so regularly.
So romantically and daintily painted. Such a poetic view.
I love this - I too am longing for Venice so this will keep me going until then ! Thanks. Von
superb new view; was in the Boston MFA this weekend comparing (sorry, it's what I do) you to lots of great landscape and still-life masters. I mean this as sincerely as I can possibly express--you are right up there with the Chardins of the world (up until you, Chardin was my favorite). Don't stop with the little masterpieces--the world would be a much less exciting place.
Out-stan-ding!!! (you guys missed the first snowflakes last night! )
hey anders - we got snow here too, this morning, after a heavenly crystalline day yesterday! it was very exotic in its own way - mist rising up from the lagoon and the mozarella delivery boat carving its way through the choppy waves!
Hi Julian The orchestration of the light in the water and in the sky in contrast is masterful. Cold or not, I wish I was there in one of the buildings to the right.
wow...love this one////you are obviously inspired Julian......hope you are having a wonderful, romantic break.....love janexx
Ah Barbara, that is exactly where we are?there is a little restaurant downstairs too, with a terrace on the waterfront, (though a little cold today for eating outside)!