daily painting titled Selfie at 62

Selfie at 62

15cm x 20cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 19 August, 2021
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Of course well done, but Joy would be most welcome!! God bless, C-Marie
My niece and nephew called their grandparents, “The Potatoes,” so I think you’re on to something, there! Love the painting.
Powerful portrait . Have enjoyed your work for years now!!
Love your portrait Julian! such strength in your expression To me it says i’m still here I’m getting thru all of this st...uff and as always art and love keeps me going and i’m not a potato head!
Looking younger every year!
Magnificent! A frickin amazing painting.
Your portrait is wonderful…I, too have enjoyed your paintings for some time and have a couple of them hanging in the house…
Glad to see you again. Please add Louis and Ruth too.
It is nice to see another self-portrait, Julian. I almost see three hearts - one in your ear, one in the shadow side of your face, your face, and one in your forehead. You are loved by many. Sincerely, Evelyn
I love the idea of startingd of lkife as a potato.
Honest. Masterful.
Only you are dissatisfied .eb
Thank you Julian; a very powerful portrait. Your work brings joy to my day.