daily painting titled A House at Vacqueras

A House at Vacqueras

13cm x 16cm (approx 5"x6"), oil on card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 12 May, 2007
Posted in Landscape paintings


Heavenly! You live in an idyllic place. You can even make overhead cables look picturesque. First reaction "Oh! I want it!" but I expect this one will reach a really high price. It's beautiful.

it's that stunning blue window that keeps me coming back to this one...and the wonderful garden plants with their gentle strokes of paint that seem to hint of a sunny breeze on this day. a feast for the eyes!

My first reaction :
- Delicious !
My second one:
- Oh, Julian, how do you succeeded to give to telephone cables, a picturesque look?

Isn't it, Julia?

Look the warm colors of this, especially the foliage. Very nice.

I feel most blessed to be the owner of "A House at Vacqueras"... so much to love about it. Please settle a dispute... Is the object in the flowers a mailbox --or similar, or is it a refrigerator door, as Ann insists -- or something else? Whatever it is, I like it. D in OR

It's a large metal gate much foreshortened. The flowers are mostly Valerian and Margerites with a White climbing Rose on the house. The gate looks like it is somewhat reduntant.

Aha... a gate! I feel pretty dumb to not have figured that out... guess w/ so much traffic the owners need to keep people from using their driveway as a turnaround, hmmm? Kinda like the ambience a fridge door would have given it.. ;-) Still no daily emailings. Dang! DH