daily painting titled Chemin aux Tournillaires

Chemin aux Tournillaires

13cm x 11cm (5"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 16 March, 2010
Posted in Landscape paintings


your paintings never fail to please the eye:)
Julian, this one is pure poetry, a dream-painting. No anecdotal details, pure painting. Softness of the outlines, free writing, twirling dance of the brushes, unction of the paste. Everywhere the same density. And this wonderful cut-out of the picture, giving all the oddness to this work, like a set piece . You have painted here like a sculptor using of plasticine! At last this vibrant dash of vermillion at the lower limit of the road ,as if you did want to say:" Hi Mister Corot I have never forgotten the lesson!"
the blue brushstrokes are just spectacular. Alain, meant to let you know that it's nice to have you back in full gear.
Julian - the freedom of brushhandling combined with essentials of shadow and light really hit the mark - the space is palbable and the 'paintness' is equally present - no easy thing and really, for me, the essence of image-making. Thanks very much.
Hi Eric, Nice to hear from you!I always appreciate your acute comments of Julian's works. The big difference compared with me is you are ...less talkative! That is my foible. Doctors say that they can't do anything for me.
Wonderful brush work, Julian!
I am going to sit a spell, under the coolness of these branches...and upon the succulent,succulent sand. And then I'll wait till you come by. And then we will say nothing. And then I'll pat my hand for you to sit down. And then we'll just breathe...in.
Will this be available as a print? I would love to purchase it if so!
love your work.....they make me feel so good......you inspire me,challenge me .thank you so much for including me on your list. phyllis brodksy