daily painting titled Roscoff onion with blue background

Roscoff onion with blue background

17.8cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 13 October, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Love the onion, as well as the "new" modern-art background!
oh my!! the three onions were just spectacular but this is even better--just an amazing combination of color, light, brush stroke, edges, crispness. just plain wow.
In a post on THAT self portrait a week ago, DonaS suggests Julian resembled actor Russell Crowe. I replied that may be so, but we'd have to hear him speak or see him throw a telephone. Well, with this painting he throws the phone! Wow - what an expressive and dynamic painting. An academy award nomination for this one!
Fabulous! "Foot loose and fanciful" and totally unexpected. Absolutely love this, Julian.
A happy onion! Touchable, beautiful, joyful... imagine a lowly onion that looks as though it could dance.
That is fantastic!
This onion is so real looking. Wonderful!
Looks three dimensional!! WOW!!!
This was such a surprise to see the jolt of activity surrounding the beautifully painted onion.It made me giggle with delight. Very whimsical!!
ALL of the above! Such a joyful blue. But it would be only a gimmick if the onion weren't so PERFECTLY painted! Thank you!
love the blue background and the brilliant realism of the onion!! Julian, what brand of paints do you use (I assume oils)?
That papery skin, that crisp brilliance is about to fly off the page and stick to my fingers as I peel the layers away to use the sweet, flavor-filled onion within. All done with a brush. Amazing!
First thing in the morning I download your picture, what a wonderful way to start the day. Thank you
First reaction..."holy cow!" haha! Beautifully done, Julian. That onion looks like it actually could bring tears to my eyes!
You are the Master of Onions.
An aphrodisiac spicy symbol,with which we can reach the seventh(blue)heaven just in the background!
I feel like Alice in Wonderland, me suddenly small in the presence of a giant onion. Wow!
Like the slight pumping up of your chromas in this one. Very Manet-like in freshness of touch.
I love the contrast between the clown/onion onstage and the abstract background with its dominant blue ground.
I love the contrast between the clown/onion onstage and the abstract background with its dominant blue ground.
I look at your paintings everyday and call our three children for the ones I think they will like the most. `Oh my God' said the 9 year old, `I think it must be the background' said the 12 year old {we've been doing complimentary colours]. `Oh wow, cool,' said the 15 year rugby mad teen. Keep up the great work. Thanks.
While waiting for Julian, and before Halloween, this delicious recipe "Pumpkin and Roscoff onion gratin" www.prince-bretagne.com/gb/recette.php?id=507
an onion, perfection- immortalised -
Thankyou Julian, I bought this beautiful painting as a surprise, for my wonderful husband, Harry. I hope he doesn't scroll down this far! ("Hello darling", if you do! )He has been admiring your work for many years now, and I know he will love it. Thanks