daily painting titled Peaches


27cm x 46cm (approx. 11"x18"), oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 24 August, 2012
Posted in Still life paintings
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You are amazing. These peaches are so velvet and lush and rich in layered colors. This image is very special will you have it in giclee at some time? Today I bought 5 varied colored peppers, yellow through yellow-green, green - red and yellow-red. will photograph them tomorrow, late day. choosing a background fabric or bowl. Thank you for today's most wonderful painting.
Beautiful peaches! and thanks for the dimensions in inches for those of us who are cm challenged.
Wonderful reddening harmony! Now I am sure that there are three peaches on...Mars in the absence of Martians!A masterpiece again and again.
love your painting !
I could reach out and pick one right up! Amazing!
This is a totally different style for you?? It's beautiful but much more precise and not so loose as your usual style.. Love it!! (love loose too.)
Ridiculously perfect. Lola
Peau de velours et teint de pĂȘche. Sublime !
Marvelous! a masterpiece indeed!