daily painting titled Apple


17cm x 13cm, oil on panel (approx 7"x5") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 23 October, 2011
Posted in Still life paintings


Ironically my wife made Apple crisp for our dessert last night.It was great but I ate too much.
Just stunning! ..must be something in the air, we had apple and raspberry crumble with the last from our garden too... very glad you are back painting again!
Very nice, Julian. Simple and elegant.
Thank you for painting, Julian. Seeing your work always tops off my day. Sincerely, Evelyn
All the warm shades of brown are beautiful, the warmth of the earth, of hibernation, fruit and fire. Thank you, Naomi
Hey Julian, how about putting out a cookbook with painted illustrations? It would be gorgous and you are obviously a lover of good food and a good cook. Love the apple!
This gorgeous painting glows !!! Stunning. SO happy you are feeling better Julian. All the best to you and your family.
Beautiful, I like the way it tilts toward the cast shadow.