daily painting titled Côte Bleue

Côte Bleue

18cm x 14cm (7"x5½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 5 August, 2009
Posted in Marine paintings


Gorgeous - remind me of some paintings I've seen in my favorite wing of the Chicago Art Institute ;)
You are still as unpredictable as ever Julian! You have found here the spirit of Signac, Maximilien Luce, Edmond Charles Cross (neo-impressionnism), and "The Provençal Masters" (Charles Camoin for instance, Granet museeum in Aix en Provence). The sea literally impacts in the sinuous tree which builds the "no atmospheric" surface. Wonderful performance!
Reves, souvenirs, realite: they are all there, in the paintings Alain mentions, in my year(s) in Cassis, in your representations of the "calanques"....Que la vie etait et peut etre toujours belle....Merci, cher Julian.
jol, I love the soulful nostalgia in your comment. Oui, la vie peut toujours être belle, thanks to Art. Have you seen the wonderful movie "Partie de campagne" directed by Jean Renoir, the son of the famous painter, in 1936? This movie pays a real tribute to Life.
What I like about this painting is the mystery. From the shore you cannot see what/who is out on the water. You see only what is in close. In this painting you cannot see beneath the water as the brushstrokes prevent the viewer from accomplishing that. But you can imagine what might be there. The brushstrokes capture the movement of the water in contrast to the solidity of the rocks that hold the tree. This is a painting that celebrates the skill of artist, his creativity and his vision of the world. Julian you remind us that we need to look around us more carefully and appreciate what we see.
It sings and dances. ... reminds me of the poem by Galway Kinnell , THE Flower of Five Blossoms..... beautiful how the tree clings to the hill in the wind, against the moving water..
Two wonderful different artistic visions of the same motif when I compare this one with "Le grand bleu" (on Wednesday 13 June 2007)!
This is a beautiful piece, Julian! Makes me want to be near the sea. www.doncokerart.com/blog
Thank you, Alain, for the movie reference. I don't know the movie but will order it immediately. I, too, thought of "Le Grand Bleu"!Merci bien Julian ET Alain!