daily painting titled Route de lavande

Route de lavande

22cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 27 July, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


Bonnes Vacances. Enjoy your time away.
Wonderful surface paint quality with this one. And the colors are exquisite.
Not excess, just the basics, with emphasis on the exquisite harmony of colors and subtle layout.
The greens in the background are so subtle...MAKE the painting a fantastic study. Of course the lavender is beautiful. Thank you julien for another "lesson". Gfs
The landscapes you've done recently are just beautiful!! Makes me want to be there. Donna
I love how your landscape work makes me think of fresh air, birds singing, the scents of the countryside... thank you again Julian for sharing your experiences. I wish I could just come and sit and watch you paint! And I've just ordered a copy of The Lake by John McGahern after reading previous comments here about links with his and your work.
Dear Julian I show your painting to mes petite-filles almost everyday, so I should no longer be surprised at your influence on these little girls! Today, we were in a large store when Lucy raced over to a paint color display, pulled out a card with a colorful landscape/sky and said, "It looks like one of Julian's paintings! See! It's like Julian's paintings." I hope you are influencing the little one in your house as much as the ones in my house. Gratefully Annette
Beautiful lavender and greens!
Hi Julian, I love your artwork. Your landscapes make me fell like I am there. Do you use the same colors on your palette every time or do you change them? Would you mind revealing what colors they are? Thank you for the little uplift I get everyday when I open the Postcards from Provence Kathy