daily painting titled Guidecca moorings

Guidecca moorings

20cm x 14cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Sunday 1 November, 2015
Posted in Paintings of Venice


Lovely result. My old teacher used to put an upturned hat down with a few coins - this kept the tourists away! Nada
Lovely and calm.....liked the idea above!!!
I must admit it's nice to hear someone so experienced and good as yourself still has "wipers". It is the beauty of using oils...if it's not a good start or finish, it's any easy wipe off and begin again. I am await a small study from your recent workshop that I purchased and I am excited to see in person one of your paintings. You works has inspired me for years. I try to paint every day and only from life. So thank you for the daily inspiration. Coleen
Nada's comment was funny - but it may be good advice. Nice painting, Julian.
This is the view from my window on the Giudecca this morning!! Where you painting from the steps on the fondamenta?
I could look at this forever. It's Mr Turner's red splash that makes it perfect.