daily painting titled House and sunflowers

House and sunflowers

20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 27 June, 2012
Posted in Landscape paintings


...and here. We've had several 90 degree days....very sweaty. Hope we all cool off.
When I scrolled down (1/2 inch), I thought we'd have a June self-portrait, because the top of the left tree might have been the top of your hair. No matter. It's a lovely painting. Your messages and paintings make me smile and thanks again. Karen NYC
How hot is too hot?
It's very hot here too, in Tuscany ... lovely painting.
Hello Julian, Isn't the hot weather glorious? The cicadas are back and the lavender fields are looking better by the day,...There is always something beautiful to look at in the countryside. There doesn't seem to be lots of sunflower fields in the area so it's lovely to see a painting of one with the sense of heat captured. I look forward to seeing your latest creations. Thank you. Bonne journee, Nathalie
This is lovely. I so enjoy sunflowers. How about a close up of one tomorrow? It is also the only intimation of summer I am likely to get: I have to enjoy your sunshine and heat-soaked vistas as I'm certainly not getting any of my own. Here in Devon it is once again grey, grizzly and dreary!
Julian, how do you paint in that heat? Or do you retreat to the studio? Just got back to blissfully cool grey London from a 36 degrees centigrade Barcelona, where I could only manage two sketches before melting. Thank you for your daily treats.
Beautiful! I'm so in love with that bright, clear light from my Arizona home. Here in Texas, it's 105 Fahrenheit, and 50 percent humidity. Drippy!