daily painting titled Still life with garlic and balsamic vinegar

Still life with garlic and balsamic vinegar

Oil on linen, 41cm x 27cm (approx 15"x10½") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Wednesday 27 July, 2011
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yes it was, jolly fine vinegar it was too!
Correct - that's Rpbyn's very excellent balsamic vinegar bottle.
Ha! In all that dark on that wonderful surface I thought it might just be Amoretto, which I've been looking for without success all morning. But my regular frutt' & vegetale guy has just gifted me a new Pugliese invention - a clove of cross fertilised aglio & porro - (garlic & leek for pommies)! All go on the agricole front here, as there. Sadly I leave no beautiful pictures behind.
Fantastic! Very Chardin. As Diderot said of Chardin "He understands the harmony of colours and their reflections. Oh, Chardin, it is not white, red or black that you grind on your palette, it is the very substance of the subjects, it is air and light that you apply to the tip of your brush and transfer to the canvas." It applies equality to you in this accomplished work.