daily painting titled Sunflowers


38cm x 46cm (approx 15"x18"), oil on linen Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Saturday 8 September, 2012
Posted in Flower paintings
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This is LOVELY. Did you paint this alla prima?
Now that's a happy painting!
Hope this will be available as a print!
So going by your FAQ these take you 1-2 hours? That's amazing. I wish I could paint something so beautiful that fast!
Love these postcards every day! Really look forward to my daily visits to Provence. This sunflower one is a favorite. Merci beaucoup, Cynthia
Really, really pretty!! A great choice she made and lovely colors that you chose. Thank-you!! C-Marie
I have just started to follow these daily postcard updates. I really like them, and this sunflower one is exceptional. Now I look forward to your email everyday. Thank YOU.
Half alla prima if there is a phrase for that! I started it on Friday and finished on the following day. Mike, it took me more like 12hrs but it is a lot bigger than the postcards
A brave subject to paint since these tournesols have been so often painted..and famously! this is a "solid" work,I like it.
I love the lighting on this one, so bright.I feel I could just reach out and touch them. Wonderful.
As sunflowers are one of my favorites, I love this painting! Grew some in my backyard this summer, they were huge and beautiful! So much fun watching them develope and slowly open. Thank you for sharing. Bo
Solid work, ya got paid too. I am doing a series of SF's Van Goth is coming to The Denver Art Museum in October. Bob Ragland