daily painting titled Vieux Mas à Crillon le Brave

Vieux Mas à Crillon le Brave

17cm x 12cm (6½"x4½"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Tuesday 17 March, 2009
Posted in Landscape paintings


The light is spectacular !
This is wonderful! Do you do trades?
Jeff, Well I'd definitely trade it for the house!! It's been empty and falling down now for the ten years that I've lived here. Great spot, south facing, tiny road, no traffic, great views, and surrounded by vines and cherry orchards...
why is it that i want to buy just about every single one???
That is a shame, I wish I had the extra cash, I would buy the painting and the house. Right now I'm worried about keeping my job... Love this painting.
I would love to be a neighbour! To live in Provence....renovate this house...it would be a dream!
I love this .............. My livelyhood had been 'arcitecture' ...... this is LOVELY ....... along with the time of day ... 'light' Glad you are there. Suzy
A very special piece--beautifully done. Something in the coolness of those greens reminds me a bit of Corot. Looks like a gorgeous setting and interesting building, I don't blame you for wanting to own it.
I like your comment. And I appreciate your still lifes. It reminds me too of Corot when he painted in Italy.
Hi Julian, forgive me but you are a little secretive: I would like so much to see the panorama behind the Vieux Mas, these diaphanous sun-kissed wide-open spaces...
What I like about the painting is the brush strokes that insist it IS A PAINTING. This suggests to me that the image of the house with its lovely caramel colours may be a combination of houses or a ideal view of it. Again it is very poetic; the dark windows draw our eye into the mystery inside. The light is lovely. I, too, would love to own the house.
to me it is sheer morandi, with its hidden mysterious spaces and edges, , secret geometry, oblique angles, soft poetic colors, and gentle light...i too love the brushstrokes- i don't know of any other painter who can carry off this much realism with such painterliness..