daily painting titled Roses in a glass

Roses in a glass

13cm x 18cm, oil on panel (approx 5"x7") Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Friday 2 September, 2011
Posted in Flower paintings


Etherial and beautiful reminiscent of ballet dancers' costumes. I love the translucency of the vase. Gorgeous pink blush against a deceptively plain background.
Absolutely beautiful colors, so appealing. I'm trying for some of the same hues in a seascape. I won't begin to get the nuances but I have to give it a try!
this is beautiful!
So refreshing to look at after a long day of work. I so look forward to each new painting by you, Julian.
Another beauty Julian!
You've inspired yet another self taught painter once again. I especially like the shadow and light on the rose facing left and the shadow from the glass against the table. But then there is the thorn at the bottom of the glass...so much to appreciate! Thank you so very much.
A tender message of the artist...The parable of a burst of emotion:this delicate rose opens "her" heart for all of us.
Reminds me of the last flower paintings of Manet! Just lovely, Julian!
Hi Julian....please inform me about payment Joan Ransohoff
This and so many of your other flower studies could stand among ' the last flowers of Manet'.
or "the last rose of summer"? a surprise and beautiful....so delicate and tenderly painted. thanks. gfs