daily painting titled New seasons onion

New seasons onion

17cm x 13cm (7"x5;"), oil on gessoed card Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 29 July, 2010
Posted in Still life paintings


Dear Julian, I see a landscape within the onion itself, and that explains it all. It's a beauty! Thank you...Joyce
As always Julian you get right to the very essence of your subject, whether it be a landscape or still life. It is a delight to click on your emails and see what pearl you have created today.
Julian: I love onions! They're one of my favorite subjects to paint. The texture, colors and shapes are so interesting. You have done a wonderful onion "portrait." Look closely and one can see the subtle smile through the delicate glazing and layering of color. I think I may have read too many of Alains comments. But they are really fun!
LOve onions!!! Must say-- it's so realistic--could grab it & use it for cooking!!!
A very pretty, happy looking onion.
Hi A smile? Because of you,I spent all the night searching for!Verdict: no smile.A "landscape" as Joyce Herold said,yes I agree: yellow sun,pink beach,white sky and ocean,seen from a vaporous deep cave...But no smile.May be at a pinch,the head of a whale laughing loudly and showing its sparkling white whalebones which reflect this heavenly seascape?
I have just received the book of your paintings, Postcard From Provence. I think books like these can both feed and sustain whether you are an artist or not. It was heartwarming to hear the while painting is immensely enjoyable some, including yourself, still find it hard, no matter what the canvas size. Not all our ducklings turn into swans and I was reminded of the golfer who was told he was lucky to have won a particular tournament. He replied that he too thought he was very lucky and strangely, the more he practiced...the luckier he got. Constant dedication and practice will usually mean good paintings, so stay lucky Julian, great book. All the best, Steve
the layers of it!
That's done it,I have got it,Mr Bernie Aronson. The "smile" is just under the pink dash of colour!You were right! Please, accept my apologies.
Trust the mistral hasn't returned! - but a nice study. You do have a great touch.
Thanks and yes the mistral has returned!