daily painting titled Peeled Lemon on a Saucer

Peeled Lemon on a Saucer

Oil on card

Painting status: SOLD

Daily painting for Friday 30 September, 2005
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This is one fabulous lemon !!

Sharp, lovely; subtle complementaries. You do have beautiful light in the space you work in, Julian.

Beautiful lemon! It radiates with southern warmth. Delicious!

ahh.. finally, something worth looking at

(as for the last few days..)

I love that there are waves in this work and that a little gem springs up so suddenly. To me all of them are worth looking at even if they're not all perfect like this one. The artist is human and that's the beauty of it and of each one.

OK, mouse, I have been restraining myself from making comments for the last few day, but your "comment" shocked me. Julian is a wonderful artist, period, whether he's painting still life, landscapes or whatever. I agree with Cat. They are each beautiful and wonderful. And trust me, I know.