daily painting titled Apples


20cm x 13cm, oil on board Painting status: SOLD
Daily painting for Thursday 25 October, 2018
Posted in Still life paintings


These apples look crisp and delicious!
Love the interest in the background as well.

Wonderful painting, I really like the way the apples bleed off the canvas on the left and right, nice touch!

This is a very cheerful study...light hearted and beautiful...I love the composition and the colors!

A starving artist creates the most deliciously sweet and crisp apples—-I hope Louis saves one for you!
As usual, a beautiful painting!

Dear Julian, I have done fasting before and I remember the wonderful experience of going to a supermarket and the fruits and vegetables looked incredibly brilliant, the colors were amazing and the shapes ... hunger has its blessings. I am sure that you have got the feeling.
Wonderful apples. I bought last week a bag of ornamental gourds, for painting, and they are incredible, so much fantasy and variations just for .... fun!
A big hug from Dublin
PS: You are an inspiration every morning!

Really nice study. I love the color and light, the solidity of the forms, and the cheeky composition. Thank you for your diligence in painting and posting your work.